Drama Masks Site Development History

"I was born in early September, 1996, and provided the wonderful world of cyberspace with a brief description of each of that season's productions."

"For the 1997 season, my capabilities were expanded with the addition of the 'History' page, containing photographs and text to describe the evolution of the Barn to its present-day location."

"My current transformation occurred in August of 1998, when I was given a complete facelift. My Webmaster added biographical sketches of the playwrights, links to the previous season's productions (from my 'History' page), and this 'Site Development History' page."

"During the summer of 1999, my left panel was expanded to include a link to the newly added 'Season Ticket Order Form'. In August, my Webmaster was honored to receive the coveted President's Award during the Barn's end-of-season Hosscar Celebration."

"Just prior to the opening of the 2000 season, The Barn introduced a new policy for making reservations, which was added to my left panel. You may also notice that cast photos have been added, when available, to my individual production pages, after the opening performance."

"After the close of the 2001 season, a few minor changes were made, including the listing of the Special Events on my 'This Season' page. Previously, Special Events were accessed by clicking on the now-defunct 'Plus' button."

"Minor changes to my 'History' page were made after the close of the 2002 season, to note the passing of the Barn's founder, Peter Tewksbury, on February 20, 2003. Also, the E-mail link was moved from my 'Info' page to my left panel, where it is now available at all times. And finally, a new page devoted to the Annual 'Hosscar' Awards was created, with a link added to my left panel."

"After the close of the 2003, season, the Barn's Board of Directors approved the creation of collectible buttons for each of the 2004-2005 productions. A new page was created to display the buttons, with a 'Buttons' link added to my left panel."

"Now that the 2004 season has closed, the 'Buttons' link has been removed, due to a lack of interest in collectible buttons."

"Near the end of the 2005 season, my Webmaster moved the 'Hosscar' link from my left panel to the 'This Season' page. He also added a Newsletter feature with a link placed on my left panel. He said that this was to celebrate my 10th birthday. Grrrrrr!"

"During the 2006 season, my 'Info' page was enhanced by the addition of the names of the Barn's Board of Directors and Lifetime Members."

"At the beginning of the 2007 season, a new section was added to my left panel with links to the websites of regional theaters in the local area. A 'Seating Chart' was added with a link on my left panel. The Newsletter feature was removed, due to the lack of newsletter submissions, and a new 'Site Map' page was added with a link at the bottom of my left panel."

"During the 2008 season, all of my buttons were redesigned and now change color when a mouse scampers over them. Announcement messages, such as the dates of Board Meetings and Auditions, were added to my 'Home' page and are updated regularly."

"At the end of the 2009 season, a new 'Advertisers' page was added, with a link on my left panel, and the text link to the Site Map (on my left panel) was moved to my top panel as a new button."

"Early in the 2010 season, my Webmaster pumped up my capabilities with a new on-line reservations system, consisting of a 'Reservations' button at the top of my left panel, which links to a spiffy new 'Reservations' page and form. A new 'Who's Who' page was also added, with a link on my left panel, which contains the names of Board Members, Lifetime Members, Play Directors, Actors and the names of this season's financial supporters."

"Early in the 2011 season, a new 'Calendar' page was added, with a link on my top panel."

"After the opening of the 2012 season, my Hosscar awards page was updated with all of the award winners from 1948 to 1984. My History page was similarly updated. The "missing years" (1985 - 1996) are currently being researched, and will be added sometime this year. When completed, I will be able to display a list of every play and Hosscar award since the Barn first opened in 1948."

"Although it took longer than originally expected, at the end of the 2013 season, my Webmaster located most of the information for the the 'missing years' (1985 - 1996). All plays are now listed on my History page. The Hosscar awards for the 'missing years' are still being researched."

"The 2014 season saw the addition of a link on my 'This Season' page to a printable color copy of the Season Poster, a larger copy of which resides in the Barn lobby. My webmaster also updated my 'History' page with several new reports of past Barn productions. The Barn Theater has produced a total of 446 plays since first opening in 1948."

"Some play directors have started creating their own individual FaceBook pages for the play he or she is directing. Begininning with the 2015 season, a FaceBook link will be placed on the individual play pages of this website for the directors who have done so."

"A few small changes were made at the beginning of the 2016 season, including a change to the Sunday Matinee show time from 2:15pm to 2:30pm"

"At the end of the 2017 ticket prices were raised for Adults, Seniors and Students, due to increased costs of producing plays. The price for Kids (under 12) was not changed and remains at $5.00"

"In January 2018, in anticipation of a new 'Buy Tickets' function (currently being worked on by another webmaster), the 'Season Ticket' PDF form has been removed from my left panel."