Drama Masks Reservations

For on-line reservations, please fill out and submit our form.  More Information

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This form may be used to make reservations for any of the performances and/or Sunday brunch for the current production.

Your reservation will be confirmed either by telephone or e-mail. Please make sure that your contact information is accurate, or confirmation may not be possible.

For telephone reservations, please CALL or TEXT (559) 310-7046.


For many years, the Barn Theater has provided a telephone number for our patrons to call to make reservations for our performances, Sunday brunches and special events. This phone is a cell phone with voice mail, which is carried by one of our Board members. Many patrons do not realize that this phone is not always turned on, which results in a "please leave a message" experience.

When patrons make a reservation using voice mail, they will receive a return phone call confirming the reservation. Seat assignments are also made during this return call. There are times, however, when the return call does not occur within the time frame expected by the patron, or the voice mail box is full and the patron cannot leave a message.

While this system is not perfect, it has served us well in the past and we will continue to use it in the future. To make telephone reservations for performances, Sunday brunches and special events, please continue to CALL or TEXT (559) 310-7046.