Barn Theatre Lifetime Members

Lifetime Members of The Barn Theatre are elected by the Board of Directors in recognition of many years of service, unstinting devotion and tireless energies toward the betterment of The Barn. Italicized Lifetime Members' names indicate that these members are no longer with us and we miss them very much.

Ralph Bourne
Kit Koller Bunnell
John Burkey
Letty Cotta
Wesley Cox
Dick Eckhoff
Nicki Edwards
Bob Fields
Beverly Gorne
Jack Havery
Shirley Hughes
Edith La Vonne
Bob Merzoian
Ellen Nichols
George Pearce
Wendy Plaisted
Mike Proctor
Pam Putnam-Bourne
Steve Ross
Florence Sinclair
Gary Sue
Carlynn Turner
Leslie Woudstra
Virginia Baker (2001)
Helen Campos (2007)
Violet Carpenter (1994)
David Coon (1996)
Nancy Coon (2011)
Sylvia Corkins (2003)
Larry Cotta (1999)
Elizabeth Dobson (1982)
Gareth Garlund (1985)
Caroline Harris (2016)
Patrick Hayes (2006)
Greg Hellrung (2004)
Alfonso Hernandez (2017)
Estha Mae Hinton (2007)
John Morgan Holden (1995)
Eldon Hunt (2009)
Nancy Lumley (1978)
James Moeller (2003)
Richard Newman (1992)
Bill Rodgers (1999)
Beverly Rose (2008)
Barbara Squires(2011)
Peter Tewksbury (2003)
Elfrieda Whatley (2009)
Mac Williams (2015)
Barbara Worthington (1990)

Last updated July 15, 2017

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