The Barn Theatre Junior Company will be performing a variety of songs to honor this season's line up of plays. The children will be performing a pre-show prior to each opening night. Check the individual play programs for the specific songs, and remember that this pre-show event will occur for each of the regular shows in the 2017-2018 season.

Directed by Dr. Mary Shaw, this very talented group of student performers includes Emily Chavez (6), Emma Burkhart (6), Wyatt Burkhart (6), Emilio Carabay (9), Miley Martinez (9), Ash Shrivaj (10), Ethan Burkhart (10), Daniel Satko (11), Macy McCoy (11), Kylie Davin (12), Caitlin Plumlee (12), Briar Tillery (12), Sofeeya Carabay (13), Ethan Willet (13), Gage Phipps (14), Kierstin Hall (14), Sarah Totty (15), Kristina Hall (17), Joseph Ayala (13), Sofeeya Carabay (13)

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