October 13, 2008
Barn Update
Bob Merzoian, President, Barn Theater Board of Directors

As many of you are aware, the Barn Theater has had a most difficult time in recent months. Your Board of Directors has been working and collaborating feverishly to solve several serious issues facing our theater. I will briefly address several of the most pressing problems.

1. Insurance: Our current policy expires December 5th. The insurer has made it clear we will be "dropped". We were given a list of their concerns to address, but even in so doing, the "bottom line" is they have no intention of renewing the policy. Naturally, without insurance we could no longer operate. We established a plan-of-action and have been working on it ever since. Here a few key points concerning insurance and other issues to review.

    a. One of the infrastructural issues is roof and support beam repair. Required work is underway. We have employed Dennis Townsend and Smith Roofing to design and repair. We hope to have the job completed by early November.
    b. Electrical and plumbing upgrades: Bids have been collected and work will begin shortly.
    c. Dishwasher: Funds have been gathered to finally add a commercial grade dishwasher to our kitchen. Money for the fund was, in part, raised by our recent Dinner Theater weekend (a smashing success...thanks Caroline Harris, cast, and Kitchen Production staff).
    d. New insurer: Our Insurance Committee members are currently searching out a new insurance company. We expect with the above- mentioned repairs and upgrades completed, we should be able to obtain coverage from a new company. It is critical we have one in place by the end of November.

2. The second more obvious problem we face is the lack of a complete play season. We decided to postpone the new season until January, feeling it was necessary due to our unclear insurance future. The discussion at our recent board meetings was the realization that our building may have to be closed during repair work. There seemed to be no sense in committing to a the Fall season if the normal availability of the Barn was doubtful. We plan to start the upcoming 2009 season with the "dramedy", Same Time Next Year. The following two productions will be confirmed once we are assured our insurance and building improvement. Therefore, we have not begun season ticket sales and program advertising. These two promotions are also idled until further notice. We will alert you faithful Barn supporters when tickets are available.

Finally, in spite of a couple of rather shocking and ill-advised newspaper stories being published discussing the demise of the Barn Theater, we not only continue to survive, but plan to prosper and also improve every phase of our theater and its offerings. We have a new attitude and a feeling in vigor and confidence and know that you will be pleased with the "new" and revitalized Barn Theater.

In-the-meantime, look for various fund raisers this Fall and into next year. Details are available here on the website now and in the future. And, of course, any ideas, constructive criticism, and financial aid you may wish to offer would, and is always, appreciated.

Bob Merzoian

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