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Voice Over IP (Internet Protocol)
VOIP is the acronym for "Voice Over IP (Internet Protocol)."
   Every device on the global Internet has a unique IP address, whether it may be a desktop or laptop computer, or a refrigerator, or in this case a specially-equipped telephone.
   Using VOIP, your extension number can reach you anywhere you can plug into broadband Internet service, whether that is actually in the office, or an office branch location, or at home, or on the road, or in Tahiti.
   "Please hold a moment, I'll ring that extension for you..."

[Feb 2004] This year marked twenty years of service for our venerable old telephone system, so we decided it was time to retire the well-worn beige handsets and replace the entire system with a state-of-the-art VOIP phone system.

The new telephone system underscores our own progress toward the Complete Mobile Office concept, and will allow us to make conference calls with clients, check voicemail, and transfer calls to OACYS representatives wherever on the globe they might be.

At the same time, OACYS is committed to maintaining the same personalized service we are known for. Calls will continue to be answered personally by our knowledgeable technical support representatives - the system will switch to automated answering only if all lines are full and callers would otherwise hear an extended busy signal.

Our new system will allow us to manage the large volume of calls we receive every day more efficiently, including on-hold music from local high school studio bands, interleaved messages about our various services, and updates about wait times and your position in the hold queue.

If you can plug into a high-speed Internet connection, you can utilize VOIP
VOIP is basically just like sending anything else over the Internet. Each "packet" of data contains some form of content, whether it's email or an attached file or a web page or music or a movie ... voice is just another form of content. The software on each end simply needs to know how to interpret and deliver each different form.

Developed entirely in-house, the OACYS VOIP system is based on the Linux operating system and uses readily available software to provide significant PBX and voicemail functionality. The phones use standards-based protocols to communicate with the server and each other, which avoids locked-in obsolescence.

The server is built from off-the-shelf components, lowering the initial cost and protecting against proprietary dependancies, while the sleek black phones are the ultimate in modern office equipment. OACYS has formed relationships with several VOIP software and equipment vendors to develop solutions for even the most complex office environment.

The installation of a VOIP system in our office is consistent with our long-term commitment to serve as the region's technology leader. We are now positioned as the initial "guinea pig" (as usual) for testing and support purposes, prior to offering VOIP solutions to our customers. This also advances our implementation of the Complete Mobile Office, allowing company staff to work from anywhere in town, or anywhere on the planet. If you can plug your computer into a high-speed Internet connection, you can also utilize VOIP.

Please contact our office for more information about VOIP! Call 559.781.4123 or send email to (See also our November 2003 and March 2004 Newsletters.)