January, 2016
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Ten Nights in a Bar Room

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Ten Nights in a Bar Room was originally published as a book by T.S. Arthur in 1854 and was quickly adapted to a stage play in 1858 by William W. Pratt. The play became popular and played throughout the rest of the 19th century and well into the Prohibition years of the 20th century.

The musical version of the play, adapted by Fred Carmichael, is considered a temperance melodrama; that is, a theatrical device used to demonize the use of alcohol. The melodrama was a popular form of theatre during it's day because it included singing (including sing-a-longs) and other vaudevillian acts between scenes and it encouraged audience participation to BOO-HISS the villain, to CHEER the hero and to catcall (HEY BABY!) at the more voluptuous characters. Audiences also expected the actors to be larger than life, over-exaggerating and over-emoting.

Playwright: Adapted by Fred Carmichael from the Temperance Drama by William W. Pratt
Directors: Bob Merzoian and Janie Dignam
Auditions: Monday, October 26 and Tuesday, October 27 at 6:00pm in the Barn lobby.
Run Dates: January 22, 23, 29, 30, February 5, & 6 (Friday & Saturday evenings)
January 24 & 31 (Sunday matinees)
(8 performances)
Sunday Brunch: January 31 at 12:30pm - Cost is $15.00 per person
Brunch Reservations are required by Wednesday, January 27.
Cast: Mr. Romaine - Vince Black
Sample Swichel - Bob Merzoian
Simon Slade - Dick Jameson
Frank Slade - Blaise Vanderhorst
Harvey Green - Ralph Bourne
Willie Hammond - Jon Harreld
Joe Morgan - Buzz Piersol
Tommy - Peyton Baeza
Mrs. Slade - Pam Bourne
Goldie Hills - Sharon Hall
Mary Morgan - Katelynn Manley
Mehitabel Cartwright - Lisa Edwards
Mrs. Morgan - Roxanne Dignam
Bar Men - Duffy Dignam & Jessie Dugan
Bar Girls - Ashley Grigg, Melissa Garcia, Madeline Black & Infinity Dignam
Sign Girls - Diana Luna, Dana Humphrey, Ginger Piersol & Allie Piersol
Opening Olio - Nicholas Rangel, Bella Fiori, Serenity Ibarra, Aiden Albers, Infinity Dignam, Dana Humphrey, Diana Luna & Hannah Jones
Production: Producer - Janie Dignam
Lights and Sound - Mike Proctor
Stage Manager - Kacie Bellisch
Stage Crew - Jesse Dugan & Janie Dignam
Set Construction - Jessie Dugan & Janie Dignam
Costumes - Janie Dignam & Judi Kaiser
Instrumentalists - Janie Dignam & Carolyn Burkey
Signage - Ali Plaisted, Kirsten Kempfer & Ginger Piersol

Cast Photo