May, 2006
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Waiting in the Wings

The Wings is a charity home for retired actresses in financially distressed circumstances, who have been stars in their day. Here these aged ladies grow older ungracefully amidst squabbles, jealousies and grandiose memories.

On a June afternoon, the once great actress Lotta Bainbridge arrives. Years ago she married the ex-husband of one of the inmates, May Davenport, and her arrival sparks off a feud involving the entire home. It is only resolved when one deranged lady sets fire to her room.

After this tragedy, Lotta and May spend what little time is left to them in peace and harmony.

Playwright: Noel Coward (1899 - 1973)         Click for Coward's Bio
Director: Steve Ross and Pete Grant
Auditions: February 26 - 27 at 7:00pm in the Barn Lobby
Run Dates: May 19, 20, 26, 27 (Friday and Saturday evenings)
Sunday, May 21 and Saturday, May 27 (Afternoon matinees)
Note: There are 2 performances on Saturday, May 27)
Sunday Brunch: May 21 at 12:30pm - Reservations are required; Call Steve at 310-7046.
If there are no more than 10 reservations, it will be canceled and those already reserved
will be called for that annoucement. For information on the brunch, call Carlynn at 781-5678.
Cast: Karmen Grant, Marion Keefe, Michelin Hammer, Gordy Plaisted, Terry Bergfalk, Coco Ream, Wendy Plaisted, Lori Sibley, Marya Innes, Marilyn Knesel, Joan Givan, Jeff Ramirez, Phyllis Morgan, Paige Nicholson, Richard Jameson, Sarah Duenas, Kevin Murdock, Stella Leppert, Steve Ross, Pete Grant, Ian Hammer and Katie Schulz
Crew: Pete Grant, Wendy Plaisted, Ian Hammer, Katie Schulz, Joe Leprohn and Jack Havery