October, 2004
Day Night Line
Bus Stop
Roles: 5 Males and 3 Females
Bus Stop centers on a group of bus passengers stuck at a Kansas roadside diner during a snowstorm. The play, set in the 1950s, explores the relationships in the group.

Bo, a brash cowboy, has followed Cherie, a nightclub singer, he loves, into the diner. Gradually, the cafe fills with other patrons such as the town sheriff, an alcoholic professor and a genial truck driver. As a snowstorm rages outside and coffee cups are filled, the lives of these men and women - and their hopes and dreams - are shared with us.

Bus Stop is best remembered for the 1956 film version starring Don Murray and Marilyn Monroe. Yet the play - based on William Inge's earlier one-act play People in the Wind - had opened on Broadway only the year before. A contemporary of Arthur Miller, Inge wrote plays that highlighted the extraordinary in the everyday as well as reflected midwestern America of the time.

Playwright: William Inge (1913 - 1973)         Click for Inge's Bio
Director: Bob Merzoian
Auditions: August 30 and 31 at 7:00pm in the Barn Lobby
Run Dates: October 8 - 23 (Friday and Saturday evenings, Sunday matinees)
Sunday Brunch: October 17
Cast: Pam Putnam, Michelle Murphy, George Pearce, Ralph Bourne, Chris Stephenson, Michelin White, Jim Rollins and Bill Wilson
Crew: Candalyn Abbot, Josette Looft, Betty Walters, Ian Hammer and Michelin White