January, 2004
Day Night Line
Murder by Misadventure
Roles: 3 Males and 1 Female
Despite their success as TV thriller writers, Harold Kent has become dissatisfied with Paul Riggs, his writing partner. Riggs threatens to blackmail him if the partnership is ended. Harold conspires with Emma his wife to kill Riggs, using the plot from a projected script as his inspiration. The perceptive Inspector Egan prevents things from going smoothly.

Taylor successfully involves his audience by creating the suspenseful atmosphere of watching Harold Kent's every move: will he really be able to get away with this crime without anyone suspecting him? No wound. No blood. No murder weapon. No motive. No opportunity. No worries. Is it possible to commit the perfect crime?

Playwright: Edward Taylor
Director: Wendy Plaisted
Auditions: November 16 and 17 at 7:00pm
Run Dates: January 9 - 24 (Friday and Saturday evenings, Sunday matinees)
Sunday Brunch: January 18
Cast: George Pearce, Lori Shelton, Tom Besson and Randy Gilstrap