April, 2004   Lobby Stage Dinner Theater
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Monky Business
Roles: 5 Males who sing
While Monky Business is a takeoff on Dan Goggin's "Nunsense," it more than holds its own. The story begins with the melodic yet solemn chants most of us acquaint with monks. It's only a matter of minutes before the audience is tapping their toes and snapping their fingers in time to the cast's dynamic opening number, "Monky Business". The number is an important one, providing an overview of life in the monestary while also offering a sneak preview of the fun to come.

The Brothers of Saint Bernard's step out for a night of fundraising at WGOD, the local religious radio station. In their last ditch effort to prevent St Bernard's Monastery from becoming Bernie's Casino Royale, the monks work faithfully towards their goal of $250,000. However, one of them, a devil in monk's robes, is working towards a goal of his own. As good and evil race to beat the midnight deadline, it seems that only a miracle can save the monastery. Anything and every-thing happens before the night is over.

Author: Written by Todd Mueller & Hank Boland, Lyrics by Gregg Opelka
Director: Carlynn Turner
Auditions: September 7 and 8 at 7:00pm
Run Dates: April 23 - May 8 (Friday and Saturday evenings, Sunday matinees)
Sunday Brunch: (TBA)
Cast: Bob Benedict, Bill Wilson, Terry Manning, Steve Ross and Jason Porter
Webmaster Note: Bob Benedict passed away suddenly on Saturday, May 1, 2004, at the age of 66.