April, 2003
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The Odd Couple At times tragic, at times moving, at times just plain funny, The Odd Couple is a play for all seasons and all moods, by Neil Simon. It opens with a poker game in the house of the unbearably sloppy Oscar Madison, a man recently divorced. During the game, the players get news that one of their friends, Felix Unger, has just been thrown out by his wife. Just then, Felix shows up at Oscar's door. The whole story of Felix's breakup with his wife comes out and Oscar offers to let him stay at his apartment. The rest of the play involves the humor of watching two complete opposites try to live together in one apartment.

After the great success of this play, Neil Simon made The Odd Couple into a movie starring Jack Lemmon and Walter Mathau.

Playwright: Neil Simon         Click for Simon's Bio
Director: Adam Silvey
Run Dates: April 25 - May 10 (Friday and Saturday evenings, Sunday matinees)
Sunday Brunch: May 4
Cast: Bill Wilson, Bob Merzoian, Terry Manning, Steve Ross, George Pearce, Roger Merryman, Wendy Plaisted, and Katie Schulz